Welcome! Julie Roberts, EVP & Chief People Officer

At nGROUP, our people are our greatest asset. Whether it’s for our clients or within our own business, it’s the health of our relationships and the strength of our people that make the magic happen. The more we grow, the more we need to invest in our people. 

Enter Julie Roberts, our new EVP & Chief People Officer.

“The value of relationships can’t be overstated,” Julie said. “You have to take time to build them and understand the other persons’ current state. Only then will they be ready to partner with you on solutions.”  

Based in Miami, FL, Julie joined nGROUP in May of this year with an impressive background in talent management. In fact, her CV reads like a who’s-who of manufacturing and logistics operations. Now she’ll be bringing her deep expertise into our business at the perfect time.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to be part of nGROUP’s next phase,” Julie said. “That includes working with the leadership team to figure out what people strategy is going to work for us while recognizing it will need to be tailored to each location.”

Julie started her HR career after her sophomore year in college as a participant in the HR Leadership Development program at Unisys. Later she joined NETg, where she directed human resources and organizational development. She also led a team of 14 as the company grew 250% over 10 years and was acquired twice.

Her journey into the world of logistics began when she accepted an HR role at Nestlé, where she would go on to become their Director of Global HR Integration / National Programs. During which time she helped build a web-based compensation system supporting 3,000+ employees, expedited organizational changes through end-to-end market integration tools she developed, and received the Igniter Award for integration leadership.

Senior posts at US Foods, Bimbo Bakeries and AmeriCold Logistics (where she met Bob Duron) followed.

Most recently, Julie served as CPO / VP, People, Talent and Culture for the airport services provider Areas USA. Having been a self-described road warrior all her life, the travel industry seemed a great fit.

Until it wasn’t.

“Six months after moving down to south Florida for the job, the pandemic hit,” she said. “It was very scary. I had to let 3,600 people go. And I was in an unfamiliar industry with no real playbook for what to do next.”

That’s when Bob Duron started reaching out to her. “He wanted to know how I was doing,” she said. “He told me if I got furloughed to give him a call.”

Yet despite being in one of the toughest industries to be in during the pandemic, Julie wanted to see her role through until the end of 2021. All the while, she and Bob stayed in touch.

From the first interview, Julie knew there was something special about nGROUP. “I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with the leadership team,” she said. “I recognized the strong and open communications between the leadership team, throughout the business and in the engagement of our employees. It was easy to see that nGROUP is a team that works with each other and is committed to develop, grow and succeed. This culture ultimately led me to take on this role.

Lucky for us.

Julie, we are honored to have you on board and we can’t wait to see how you’ll make our teams even stronger and the culture even better. We know our stakeholders will benefit from your thoughtful and innovative expertise.

When she’s not working with nGROUP leadership on the strategy and processes that will support the future state of the organization, Julie likes to explore. “I like anything I can do in and around the water,” she said. “I also enjoy venturing off to places where I can learn about different cultures.”

Congratulations Julie Roberts, EVP & Chief People Officer! As we keep growing and helping our clients with new challenges, we know you will be taking care of and strengthening the relationships that make it happen.

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