Welcome! Jason May, Director of Operations

nGROUP clients expect our team members to be experts in logistics operations. And they should. After all, clients are trusting us with the backbone of their business.

However, we want to go further. We want to serve our clients not just with know-how, but also with the experience and ability to get down in the trenches to deal with whatever comes up.

Enter Jason May, our new Director of Operations.

“People seem to feel like someone at my level would be in meetings or at a desk all day,” Jason said. “But I would rather be out on the floor solving problems.”

Looking at Jason’s background, that’s easy to see.

Fresh out of college, Jason began his career with Walmart as an Assistant General Manager at their 1M+ square foot fulfillment center in Carrollton, GA.

At this facility, Jason was responsible for fulfillment operations, financial performance and continuous improvements. He also created a SKU profile plan for the peak holiday season. WIth that, he planned and implemented a peak staffing ramp including training and scheduling.

Jason later became the center’s General Manager-Director of Operations. He went on to lead the site through multiple WMOS changes and large-scale construction projects. He led headcounts as high as 2,200 during Q4 peaks.

All told, Jason led the Walmart site’s operations for 21 years. Before coming to nGROUP he also served as the Director of North American Distribution for BD, one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world.

For nGROUP, it was Jason’s deep, hands-on background running B2B and D2C sites and workforces that set him apart. The only person on the team with a similar history is Senior Vice President of eCommerce Operations Kelvin Hall. And with a 1M+ square foot operation being set up for a new client, it was clear more support would be needed.

“It’s hard to replicate the experience of running really large sites,” Jason said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to lead and influence a broad range of operations sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career.”

What has he learned about leading teams?

“Engaging associates and coaching people on performance has to be a positive interaction,” he said. “The conversation has to focus on how we address the process so performance can improve. It’s about changing the operation in order to make things easier and more effective.”

Jason has also worked with Bob Duron and Kelvin Hall in the past. Bob opened an e-comm warehouse for Walmart and Kelvin led one of their sites. As their careers progressed, they all stayed in touch.

Jason began his role at nGROUP in April of this year leading operations supporting CarParts.com across the U.S. (a good fit since he likes anything related to cars). He will also be using his expertise in Labor Management Systems (Takt) to deliver cost savings to customers.

“There’s not a lot of expertise in the market navigating that,” he said. “There are a lot of future customers out there who will like that we have that know-how.”

Jason, we are excited to have your know-how on our team! All of our stakeholders are already benefiting from your operations leadership.

Congratulations Jason May, Director of Operations! As we grow and help clients solve new operations problems, we’re very glad to know you’ll be down in the trenches solving them with us.

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