nGROUP is pleased to welcome Guido Bejar as our new Senior Vice President of Operations. In this role, Guido will help innovate and identify new ways to elevate the efficiency and quality of our clients’ operations and workflows.

“I am excited to be a part of the nGROUP team,” Guido said. “I look forward to working together to make our clients’ supply chain operations more efficient while providing positive customer experiences.”

Innovating for improvement has been a constant theme in Guido’s 25 years of global distribution experience.

As Vice President of Distribution for Technicolor in the U.S. and Canada, his plan to transform the company’s operations led to excellent results in terms of gross margin and EBITDA.

As a distribution and logistics leader at the luxury goods retailer David Yurman, he led the implementation of the company’s new global logistics hub.

In fact, Guido is known for designing and equipping supply chain operations with an eye on what’s next. “In this industry you have to be highly proactive and have a clear vision of where things are going,” he said. “A lot of companies are forced to adapt to customer behavior. To remain competitive, supply chains have to not only adapt, they also must develop new technologies and processes.”

Guido credits his own flexibility and adaptability to his background, which spans energy, fashion and technology. “It shaped me in a competitive way,” he said. “I had to always find different ways to create value.”

Initially, Guido said he was at first impressed by nGROUP’s ambitions to help more partners through our services and technology offerings. Yet it wasn’t until the end of the interview process that he knew he’d found a great fit.

“I am excited that nGROUP wants to continue its 3PL services approach,” he said. “That’s a massive opportunity in the country, and there is room for rapid growth if we do it the right way. The opportunity to support our technology (TAKT) as it helps customers everyday was also too good to pass up.”

When he’s not designing future-ready operations, you can find Guido planning his next trip. “My passion is traveling with my wife and kids,” he said. “We just finished a trip to Greece and before that we were in the Caribbean. We’re now planning a trip to Zanzibar.”

Guido, we are excited to have your innovative operations expertise on our team! We know it will not only serve our clients, it will also prove invaluable to everyone at nGROUP.

Congratulations Guido Bejar, Senior Vice President of Operations! As we move our company and with our clients into the future, we’re so glad you’ll be with us to help guide the way.

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