This Month in Labor: April 2021

This Month in Labor is nGROUP’s look at the latest news and headlines from around the world of logistics, distribution, and light manufacturing. Here, we collect items dealing with these industries and the labor-related issues they face. It’s a quick glance into what’s happening, what will happen, and what it all means.

#1 – Thriving in the long haul: interview with Colin Yankee of Tractor Supply Co (link)

In this illuminating Q&A, Colin Yankee, Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer for Tractor Supply Co, talks about his company’s journey through the pandemic.

More than just surviving, Tractor Supply has been thriving since Covid-19 began wreaking havoc across the globe. As a supplier of both farm equipment and home improvement products, Tractor Supply saw two consecutive quarters of 30%+ sales growth.

Be sure to check out Colin’s answer about how Tractor Supply uses technology to improve and maximize their supply chain. By having greater insights into their own suppliers and vendors, Tractor Supply is better able to shift inventory and cover gaps that might otherwise leave customers unsatisfied. Read more about how nGROUP is leveraging technology in a similar way to help our partners get an edge in these challenging times

Colin’s perspective on the supply chain is a fascinating read, to say the least!

#2 – Staffing Jobs Rebound in January 2021 (link)

The American Staffing Association reports some good employment news in these difficult times. 

Hiring for staffing positions has been rising, and is now above pre-pandemic levels. As the economy tries to pick up speed again, many industries are in need of hands on the assembly line, production line, or warehouse floor. Temporary staffing is a fast, cost-effective solution for that need, and businesses have been taking advantage.

It’s good to know that people are finding jobs and that businesses are once again, well, in business. 

#3 – 2020 US Labor Market Review and 2021 Outlook by Indeed’s Hiring Lab (link)

When we look back at 2020 in labor terms, and look ahead to what 2021 may hold, it seems the most we can say is this:

“It could have been worse, but there’s a ton of damage anyway.”

While many labor markets are recovering, and individuals are once again finding good employment, the economy is by no means “recovered” from last year’s shocks. Many remain out of work, or only partially employed, and there may not yet be a road to recovery for some industries.

There are reasons to be optimistic, however. With vaccinations increasing, and the expectation of public policy directed at alleviating the pandemic, we can perhaps look forward to a very strong labor market this year. Unfortunately, much remains unsettled at this point, and perhaps the best advice is to remain as flexible as possible.

How can we help you overcome your labor headaches? 

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If you suffer from labor management headaches — if you and your team are stretched to the limit by labor-related problems — give us a call today. We help retail distribution, wholesale distribution, reverse logistics, fresh food production, and light manufacturing operations gain an edge through a more cost-effective, productive labor force.

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