nGROUP’s Chief Operating Officer, Bob Duron, Promoted to President & COO

Bob Duron has transformed nGROUP. Since becoming Chief Operating Office in 2018, Bob has been the driving force behind our explosive growth and has exemplified a “lead from the front” ethos that has helped bring out the best from everyone in our organization.

It is with great pride that Jim Zimmerman and I as Co-Founders and Co-Owners have promoted Bob Duron to the position of President. With this new title, we know Bob will continue to lead nGROUP to be the best, most capable labor management partner our clients need.

Bob’s knowledge and passion for leadership come from a lifetime holding nearly every role in the supply chain since his teenage years. At operations like Wal-Mart, GAP, Amazon, and DHL, Bob worked at almost every conceivable position within the distribution network. Bob was instrumental in piloting new models in these companies before coming to nGROUP, including leading in the start up of years ago. He has brought this same appreciation for innovation to our company. Over the past 3 years, nGROUP has been able to innovate more and adapt more successfully to our clients’ needs. 

Bob has a keen ability to inspire our leadership team and to unify and motivate the teams on the warehouse floor. He has the pulse on what is going on at all levels of the organization, including what our teams and our clients need at any given time. 

After years on the buying side of staffing and labor management, Bob possesses a deep understanding of the fundamental problems that nGROUP customers face. Now, as President, we know he will continue to have a unique insight into the worries and wants our partners bring to the table. More than that, Bob’s credibility and genuine comprehension of the industry have allowed clients to have an increased confidence when having to pioneer new innovations in their facilities. Bob’s insights and experience have allowed our entire client-facing team to become more knowledgeable, empathetic, and capable.

It’s difficult to find an area of nGROUP that Bob hasn’t impacted profoundly in his tenure. In fact, there are literally entire new offerings and models at nGROUP’s disposal because of Bob’s work as COO. His ability to take options and plans and create a viable structure to enact them is beyond comparison.

Throughout our history, nGROUP has always been people-focused. Thanks to Bob’s contribution, we’ve added an extra dimension to that focus: solutions. With Bob and his teams in charge, nGROUP has been able to create labor management solutions for our partners —  solutions that cater to their very specific needs and challenges. Always recognizing that it must be the people who make the solution work, Bob has helped nGROUP innovate around implementing people-centric solutions.

In my years of working closely together, I’ve seen how driven this man is. Bob works harder than anyone I’ve ever known. He leads by example, and though he’s always on the road, he prioritizes health, family, and marriage. He’s a relationships guy, and works directly with our client partners, visiting them often. He simply demands excellence, and that starts with himself. I think that’s why he has such great relationships with everyone — partners, nGROUP management teams, and our workers.

My Co-Founder, Jim Zimmerman agrees with me, saying, “Bob has drive and grit like few others. I really don’t think he’s afraid of anything. He’s been just as vital at building the nGROUP team as he has working with partners, and that energy level is going to power us for a long time.”

Quick note: Both Jim and I want to remind anyone reading this that Bob is currently protected by a strong non-compete and a shiny set of golden handcuffs. But seriously – we couldn’t be more grateful and proud to announce Bob’s promotion and our gratitude for his incredible work! 

Congratulations, Bob! Your leadership continues to transform nGROUP, and our partners are better served today because of it. Here’s to many more years of fruitful relationships, exceeded expectations, and driven performance. Cheers to many more years serving our partners with solutions that bring the best out of everyone.

David Hair is CEO and Co-Founder of nGROUP. In addition to being an old-school temp labor pioneer, David has been helping companies like Sony, Honda, Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, Taylor Farms, and build and manage more productive, cost-efficient workforces.