nGROUP Welcomes Back Franklin Solorzano, Senior VP of Engineering & Solutions

nGROUP is growing, and we’re excited to announce that Franklin Solorzano has joined our team as the Senior Vice President of Engineering & Solutions!

As labor performance experts, nGROUP is all about creating people-focused solutions. Franklin has an extensive background in industrial engineering, and balances that with a passion for helping people reach their full potential. 

Franklin is an innovative leader who sees new opportunities. He is a skilled manager and trainer, always looking for ways to mentor and grow talent within the organizations he serves. 

Educated as an industrial engineer in international logistics at Georgia Tech and Villanova, Franklin has an expert foundation. A constant learner and dedicated trainer, Franklin is also a certified Master Black Belt in lean six sigma and has helped certify many nGROUP team members in Lean Six Sigma. 

During the ten years Franklin worked with nGROUP in the past, he was vital to our success working with Tier One Automotive giant, Honda. After creating a production layout suited to Honda Lock’s needs, Franklin and his team made a lasting impression on the visiting president of Honda by demonstrating the operation’s pace and efficiency. 

Franklin has also held leadership positions in other premier logistics companies like Magna (one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers) helping the organization with the pricing, design and launching six programs in a period of 18 months achieving all the requirements to effectively run in a mass production mode and meeting daily customer demands.

When not at work, Franklin can be found reading or running, always trying to stay mentally and physically sharp and ahead of the game. His friends and family even tease him that his car is full of books because he’s always fueling his thinking and learning new things. 

We’re excited to bring Franklin’s talents to a new adventure here at nGROUP. We know his in-depth experience in engineering logistics, manufacturing, and production environments of all kinds will serve our partners well in the future. 

Welcome back to the nGROUP family, Franklin! We can’t wait to see the new opportunities you create, and the amazing impact we know you’ll have on everyone you encounter!

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