nGROUP Brings New VP of E-Comm Ops Onboard!

Since we started operations in 2001, nGROUP has prioritized innovation, and we have always sought forward-thinking individuals to help make innovation faster, smoother, and more powerful. That’s why we’re so excited about our latest addition to the team: Kelvin Hall, Vice President of E-commerce Operations.

Kelvin comes to nGROUP with vast experience and know-how under his belt. He worked for Walmart for 20 years, since the retail giant’s early days in e-commerce. Kelvin has managed multiple DC formats including Regional, Non-Conveyable, E-commerce Fulfillment Centers and multi-DC campus environments. Managing a 1.2 million square foot highly automated Sort and Fulfillment Center has prepared Kelvin for how to best serve our clients here at nGROUP.

In Kelvin’s early days at Walmart, “e-commerce” was still a largely untapped retail channel. Amazon was in its infancy, and Walmart was still learning how to sell and ship all the toys and gifts its shoppers bought every Christmas season. It was an exceptionally busy – but incredibly important – time for American retailers. Kelvin was right in the middle of it, learning with and from the best in the business.

In addition to helping grow e-commerce, Kelvin was responsible for running seasonal pop-up operations to help meet end-of-year demand. Not only did that require him to be at the top of his forecasting game, able to accurately predict consumer requirements, but it also called for him to be a recruiting mastermind. Kelvin had to have a discerning eye for talent, carefully choosing those workers who promised the best results for the company. Equally as important as deciding who to keep, though, was deciding who to offboard and when. Ramping up employment for peak season is tricky, but so is ramping down. This keen discernment in recruiting and staff resource management has never been more important than it is today, and it is one of the reasons we’re so thrilled to have Kelvin providing leadership over several key accounts here at nGROUP.

Over the course of his twenty-five years in supply chain logistics, Kelvin has grown passionate about helping his associates discover their potential and truly shine in their jobs. Learning when and how to promote individuals to positions of responsibility has taught Kelvin a lot about people, something he carries with him outside of work hours.

As a married  father of three, Kelvin enjoys time investing in his family. Beyond that, he spends time mentoring teens in his area. Just as he helps lead and teach the associates at his fulfillment center and pop-up operations, Kelvin loves guiding youth who might otherwise not have a strong, caring father figure in their lives.

At nGROUP, Kelvin will be working primarily on our partnership with Macy’s. He will be responsible for launching a pop-up operation in Houston (our third annual pop up for the retail giant), as well as recruiting a full “gap shift” (weekend nights) at Macy’s West Virginia fulfillment center, the retailer’s largest. His experience with recruiting and running operations at Walmart will be invaluable to helping nGROUP implement our plan for improving production totals at the WV location.

As nGROUP continues to expand our capabilities — and help our clients do the same — we need more leaders like Kelvin Hall to join our effort. As a veteran of retail supply chain operations, a conscientious recruiter, and a visionary worth following, we know Kelvin will make a huge difference to us and our customers. Please join us in sending congratulations to Kelvin Hall, nGROUP’s new VP of E-commerce Operations! His smart, innovative leadership has produced results that more than speak for themselves, and we couldn’t be happier to bring a unique talent like Kelvin to our team!

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