NEWLY PROMOTED: Jessica Criss, Director of Learning & Organizational Development and Change Transformation

At nGROUP, we believe we are only as good as our people. That’s why the professional growth of all our employees is so important. Because when they get better, nGROUP gets better. 

So we are excited to announce not only a promotion, but also a new role within our company.

Jessica Criss now serves as our first Director of Learning & Organizational Development and Change Transformation. In this role, she is already helping us create a thoughtful professional development process for all of our employees.

The objective? Each member of our organization, whether they are an hourly associate or an established leader, will understand what is required to achieve the career they desire.

“nGROUP sets many standards, and the development of people is one of them,” Jessica said. “We recognize hungry talent and help them lean in to their goals. I am a walking example of this.”

Jessica joined nGROUP in February 2021 as a Senior Administrator. Yet with a significant background of service management in the logistics industry, it didn’t take long for her to demonstrate that she was capable of even more. “I don’t think anyone recognized or foresaw the level of acceleration I would experience from 19 months ago to now,” she said.

Jessica will be helping all of our people make the same journey as they serve our retail, e-commerce, fresh food manufacturing, automotive industry and reverse logistics clients. Specifically, she will partner with nGROUP leaders who manage kitting, value added services, CPU and Cost Plus Operations.

“I am excited to be able to celebrate what is strongest about each leader in our organization while helping them ensure we have the BEST leadership team in the industry,” she said.

Jessica we have been amazed at what you’ve accomplished in the short time you’ve been with nGROUP. We are excited to see what not only you do in this new role, but also what you help others achieve.

Congratulations Jessica Criss, Director of Learning & Organizational Development and Change Transformation! And thank you for already helping us all get better as professionals and as a company.

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