Newly Promoted: Jake Duron Promoted to Vice President of Operations & Implementation at nGROUP

At nGROUP, we take a lot of pride in the teams and leaders that serve our clients. I’m happy to announce that a member of that team, Jake Duron, has been promoted to become nGROUP’s newest Vice President of Operations & Implementation.

For the past three years, Jake has served as Director of Implementation, playing a key role in the development and execution of nGROUP’s labor management system (LMS). This software platform provides a host of tools that empower our clients to see the inner workings of their operations in hard, reliable data. Using that information, we can make intelligent operational decisions that help boost production and lower costs.

As Director (and, later, Senior Director) of Implementation for the LMS, Jake’s work has covered some of the most important and challenging verticals in nGROUP’s portfolio. In his new role, he will be particularly focused on fresh food manufacturing, as well as spearheading LMS implementation for seasonal retail and e-comm pop-up operations.

Beyond his work with our LMS, Jake will continue to oversee transitions to cost-per-unit (CPU) pricing models on behalf of our clients. CPU pricing is one of the key advantages nGROUP brings to our clients, enabling both significant cost savings and steady cost forecasting. As a veteran of these transitions, we know Jake has what it takes to continue helping our clients truly innovate.

Among Jake’s expanded responsibilities include our work with retail and e-commerce seasonal pop-up operations. In the past, Jake has been instrumental in helping our clients achieve breakthrough results – like doubling UPH at Macy’s and getting massive savings two years in a row. Not only will he again lead the way in implementing our LMS, Jake will also be in charge of the effort to learn (and apply) valuable knowledge from these pop-ups to other customers’ startup operations. By leveraging our successful execution of seasonal operations, we can assist clients in getting new opportunities up and running in record time.

In recent years, nGROUP has grown a lot. We’ve been working with more clients, and serving them with bigger, better labor management solutions. Jake Duron has worn a lot of hats, shown tremendous versatility and agility, and consistently brought a strong work ethic. He has been a key player in recent growth, both for nGROUP and for our clients. Once again, congratulations to Jake Duron on the promotion to Vice President of Operations & Implementation! We’re grateful to have Jake take on this new role, knowing with confidence how well he will execute it.

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