Newly Promoted: Heidi Bravo Promoted to Director of Recruiting for nGROUP

nGROUP would like to formally announce a new promotion inside our organization. Heidi Bravo, previously Senior Recruiting Manager, is now Director of Recruiting.

Heidi has been with nGROUP since 2018. As a recruiting specialist for many of our workforces, Heidi was continuing a decade-long career in recruiting and HR.

As nGROUP’s new Director of Recruiting, Heidi will oversee the compliance of all internal and external regulations concerning the recruitment and selection process. Her main focus is to ensure a consistent business image in the eyes of potential candidates, as well as our partners, through recruiting campaigns and processes.

Heidi is excited to accept the greater challenges (and adventures) that will come with the territory as Director of Recruiting. Her work will help nGROUP support our partners across the whole array of verticals we serve, including every aspect of the supply chain, retail distribution, reverse logistics, and more.

nGROUP is happy to see Heidi elevated to this new position. Her work and accomplishments with us give us more than enough confidence that she will excel at this role.

Heidi’s role is more important than ever in this exciting season of growth for nGROUP. We have seen a steady growth of 18% over the past five years, with 30% growth in the past twelve months. Not only that, we are projecting an even steeper growth trajectory in the coming months, which means our recruiting needs have never been stronger. We are grateful for Heidi’s leadership as Director of Recruiting to help us build out the robust team needed to serve our clients in the coming months.

Please join us in celebrating Heidi Bravo and her promotion to Director of Recruiting! With Heidi onboard, nGROUP and our partners are looking forward to the amazing workforces she will help create. Once again, congratulations, Heidi! Your hard work is recognized, and we can’t wait to see what comes next — for you, our partners, and for nGROUP!

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