Eliud Armendariz boosts nGROUP team as new VP of Implementations

As nGROUP keeps growing, we’re excited to be joined by top logistics and supply chain talent all across the country. We’re especially thrilled and delighted to announce that Eliud Armendariz, Vice President of Implementations has just come onboard to support our new account start-up efforts, strategic planning initiatives, and more.

Based out of San Antonio, Eliud comes to nGROUP after years spent in a variety of roles with several big-league supply chain operations. His first position was with RCA (Radio Corporation of America), working in their cross-border distribution effort. Serving as General Manager for facilities both in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, Eliud came to understand the importance of communication at all levels, in all languages.  Eliud is a proud alum of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and is bilingual.

After working with RCA, Eliud met nGROUP’s current President and COO, Bob Duron, at a UTEP job fair. At the time, Bob, who is also an alum of UTEP, was looking for someone to join him at Walmart. Eliud seized the opportunity and quickly found plenty of avenues to shine. Under Bob’s mentorship, Eliud served as Operations Manager for multiple distribution platforms, and eventually rose to become Divisional Manager for the West Business Unit based out of Phoenix.

Competencies acquired from twenty-seven years in support of RCA, Walmart and Home Depot has provided Eliud with a keen understanding for the pressures and problems facing many nGROUP customers. Eliud’s holistic understanding of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Fulfillment and General Management allows for a competitive advantage in fulfilling KPIs and service level agreement targets for our Customers. What’s more, he drives home the importance of making sure everyone is on the same page, no matter their job, background, or language.

With nGROUP, Eliud will continue to apply the lessons he’s picked up over the past 20 years. In his work with clients like Macy’s, TOSCA, and more in his new role as VP of Implementations will call on him to help create and execute innovative labor solutions. That means assisting in ramp up (and ramp down) efforts with all levels of the workforce, as well as operational planning centered on strategic goals. Since Eliud approaches the job with a wealth of experience in both direct operations and top-level management, he’ll be able to show clients the full picture in a way everyone understands.

In addition to building a lasting career that he loves, Eliud’s first passion and longest partnership is with his wife, Dezeri. Together they have two older children, as well as two beloved dogs. For our part, we’re tremendously happy to bring Eliud onboard, knowing that we’ve added both a sensational operator, as well as a man of great character and leadership.

Congratulations are in order for Eliud Armendariz, VP of Implementations at nGROUP! As time goes on and new challenges arise for distribution and logistics operations, we know that Eliud will be here on our team, helping clients seamlessly clear labor management hurdles.

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