Bob LeMay, Supply Chain Veteran, Begins Role as nGROUP’s VP of Operations

When Bob LeMay came on board as Vice President of Operations recently here at nGROUP, this company gained an extraordinarily experienced and capable supply chain management expert. His talents will be a vital part of our continued growth, as well as our ability to deliver truly unique labor management solutions.

For many years, Bob has worked on the other side of the supply chain. With retailers such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls, Bob was involved with both union and non-union shops, and worked in both established operations and start-ups. His responsibilities included everything from designing the solution, to implementing it, to training the workers on the ground. 

Bob’s knowledge of the client side of the supply chain is crucial to his role as VP of Operations. Beyond his time with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, Bob also has years of experience working with companies like Walmart. In short, he’s seen it all: the ups and downs, highs and lows. That breadth of experience means Bob is always a steady hand, no matter the challenges.

In fact, facing and overcoming those challenges is what Bob does best. 

As part of nGROUP’s ongoing focus on client-centered solutions, Bob brings a unique perspective to the table. His time as a buyer of our services gives him an in-depth understanding of what customers really want and need. 

Bob brings his expertise to such nGROUP clients as California Cartage, Shippers Warehouse, Tosca, and Schneider. As a leader, his hands-on, lead-from-the-front style is an inspiration to those under him. 

At nGROUP, we’re all about people, which is why Bob is such a great fit for our culture. He understands the vital elements of trust and respect in working relationships. In fact, he always goes out of his way to meet individually with each individual on the team, even at some of our largest operations.

We know nGROUP will be keeping Bob busy as we continue to grow, but when he’s not helping innovate solutions you can often find Bob on the golf course. When he’s not spending his free time on the links, Bob loves being with his family, especially his teenage son. As a sports family, Bob and his son enjoy pick-up basketball games on their driveway court.

We’re excited to announce Bob’s new position with nGROUP. One word best sums up what Bob will bring to the table: understanding. He understands our customers and the way they think, and he also understands the people that work our shifts. Knowing those two psychologies is vital to everything we do, and Bob’s expertise only enhances nGROUP’s understanding.

Welcome aboard, Bob, we’re ready to see the dynamism you bring to nGROUP as Vice President of Operations!

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