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Human Resources and Legal 

How does nGROUP help in the areas of compliance, regulations, and legal?  

nGROUP’s program mitigates co-employment issues for our partners. Because we hire, manage, and discipline our employees, we keep you protected. By maintaining the operation on your premises, you do not lose control of your data and information. Your IT infrastructure is utilized and you can make certain data is always secure. nGROUP maintains strict documentation and confidentiality policies as an additional safeguard. In addition to these compliance items, our safety coordinators work with your team to enhance OSHA compliance and develop comprehensive safety programs. 

How does nGROUP’s program affect our employees? 

We focus on individual productivity within our program.  We only accomplish our goals with successful employees.  When appropriate we are glad to discuss opportunities to join the nGROUP team in order to maintain the tribal knowledge of our client’s operation. 

How are new employees screened? 

All employees are screened according to our client’s requirements.  This always include I-9 verification for appropriate work status and can incorporate full drug testing, background checks, and credit checks when required. 

How does nGROUP train employees? 

Training employees is a cornerstone of our program.  Each employee receives a location and client specific orientation package that includes a written training curriculum as well as hands on training on site.  nGROUP’s training and orientation program has proven to improve both productivity and quality for new employees as well as reduce turnover in these critical positions. 

How will nGROUP comply with all safety requirements? 

nGROUP starts by mimicking our client’s safety programs.  We then utilize regional safety coordinators to assess risks and evaluate the program.  Specific risks and shortcomings are identified and improved so that we can maintain a safe working environment.  We also apply incentives for safety and ongoing safety results. 

What happens if an nGROUP employee is injured? 

nGROUP has a standardized process to ensure employees are treated at local medical facilities in a fast, responsible manner.  The onsite representative will work with the employee to certify the process is followed. 

Why outsource my operation? 

nGROUP focuses on operational processes within your facilities to reduce cost, while improving productivity, quality, and service levels.  We allow your current management team to focus on strategic issues rather than the day to day burden of production and labor issues.  Our world class team and processes along with our partners ultimate oversight ensures you maintain control and receive the service and results you desire. 

Why do you think you can do it better than we can do it? 

Outsourcing is not a zero sum game.  Many organizations fail to understand that the sum of the parts, when combined effectively, actually exceed the whole.  By adding nGROUP, you are bringing additional resources to your operation to enhance your overall performance.  nGROUP has experience working with market leaders across the nation where we have had the privilege to develop, learn, and utilize world class best practices.  In addition nGROUP is dedicated to the improvement of our client’s operations.  All of our resources are utilized and trained to optimize our client's operation.  The nGROUP team is continually updated on the latest improvements from across our partner base.  We also invest in continued education for our team, develop and continue to invest in technology, tools, and solutions to improve our service offering. 



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case studies

case studies

   >   Consumer Electronics

Achieved 100% shipping quality for the first  time in the facility's history. Reduced unit-labor cost by $3,000,000+ or 30%+. 

   >   Tier 1 Automotive Assembly

Increased productivity by 30%, decreased overtime by 50%, achieved labor savings of 30%+. MORE

    >   Food Processing

Improved productivity 19-118% in one product line and 23-144% in another while reducing labor cost 5-50%. 

    >   Garment Processing

Improved output by 25% with a 90% reduction in overtime.  Labor savings of 21%. 

     >  3 PL Transload

Facility achieved best LOS performance in its history.  Reduced claims by $500K, while reducing unit-labor costs by 14%.  MORE

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